shanghai asp lightning protective technology co., ltd.-九游会旗舰厅

 shanghai asp lightning protective technology co., ltd.-九游会旗舰厅
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shanghai asp lightning protective technology co., ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprises with deep lightning protection technology background, registered capital is 36 million yuan.

relies on professional service, through the perfect corporate governance structure, play the comprehensive advantages in technology, management, capital, to expand the market and service customer. committed to provide a full range of lightning protection products and integration program, and build it into a world-class brand.

as a "national customer satisfaction top10 brand", asp has complete series of products such as power supply spd, control circuit spd, network circuit spd, video surveillance spd and communication lines spd and antenna line spd, more than 200 products get the test report from the third party authority organization, a series of products have passed the european ce certification and the iso9001:2015 quality management system certification.

we own global outlets and partners and we can provide fast and timely service, our mission is to provide the safest operation environment for the electric equipment, our value proposition is to provide safety products with high quality, high reliability and high stability.

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