2019.5.29 concentrate strength,set sail-九游会旗舰厅

2019.5.29 concentrate strength,set sail
2019.5.29 concentrate strength,set sail 2019-05-29 08:58:36 2019.5.29 concentrate strength,set sail 332
_asp distributor annual conference in 2019

on february 26th 2019, asp distributor conference in 2019 was held in the beautiful island taiwan with the theme of concentrate strength and set sail. nearly 80 participants from 30 partners participated in the conference. the senior leaders of asp also attended the meeting and delivered a speech at the conference, wishing the development of the asp market will have a good performance.

the conference kicked off in the carefully recorded christmas video every year, reviewing the turbulent market in 2018, looking back partners working side by side in 2018. the rivers and lakes are invisible brotherhood is intangible and the sword wounds will be eventually healed. when the stormy journey concludes,  only speechless legends remains to be told. if i have got a sword of justice in my hand and trustworthy allies by my side? we are able to cast a lightning in the dark sky, with no regret over wins and losses of our own.

at the beginning of the conference, mrs. lily, the president of asp sales, gave an annual report for everyone. the report shows the sales of asp brand products in the market in 2018, the distribution characteristics of the industry and the future development direction. as the old saying-the direction is clear, and you are not afraid of the distant road. partners expressed their willingness to work together with the asp brand to explore the industry market and create brilliant results.

in 2018,  asp's performance achieved double-digit high growth, which is inseparable from the efforts and contributions of each partner. in order to recognize outstanding distributors and the distributors who make special contribution, we have awarded outstanding distributors and single contributions. the award-winning distributor said: "asp provides us with a good platform and products. we must work hard to tap the potential market and use our resources to continuously increase new performance.

in order to enrich the product knowledge of the distributors, a new product release and business route explanation was held in the afternoon. everyone discussed in groups, the spark of collision thinking.
at the dinner party, accompanied by the relaxed music, the distributors sang highly with enthusiasm, making each other closely. finally, all guests toasted and wished that the business of asp and all distributors flourished and the industry was prosperous. the conference was a successful milestone . the cups go gaily round and with joyful laughter.

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