2019.6.10 technical exchange for amusement park-九游会旗舰厅

2019.6.10 technical exchange for amusement park
2019.6.10 technical exchange for amusement park 2019-06-11 17:35:16 2019.6.10 technical exchange for amusement park 359

technical exchange for amusement park

recently, asp was invited to hold a amusement park lightning protection technology exchange conference in shenzhen. relevant users and designers of the amusement park industry participated in the conference discussion.


lightning protection has its own uniqueness in amusement park applications.

a) large amusement park area - high risk of lightning strikes

b) more rides - complex protection of high-power equipment


asp's experts introduced the industry characteristics, international and domestic standards, and lightning-related applications.

users and designers have focused on the application basis and practical problems- triggered lightning, lightning protection, and grounding of metal equipment has been discussed.

from this lightning protection exchange, users and designers pay more attention to actual results. they not only discuss lightning protection parameters, but also discuss material differences, effective protection distances, and how to evaluate lightning protection.

whether it has an effect on lightning protection, users have a strong interest in spd that can read the value of the lightning current:

firstly, the lightning strike energy is different . can the lightning protection device protect the back-end equipment?

recording traditional lightning current, using induction coil detection, large error (about 20%), high cost.

asp's patented technology, small error, cost-effective to meet the needs of each node.

secondly, multiple lightning strikes, frequently use of spd, aging spd, can be identified?

intelligent spd, a unique aging identification scheme that allows replacement when a fault occurs and becomes a replacement during inspection. increase the  rate of the device online.

with the continuous development of various industries and increasingly sophisticated equipment, asp has accumulated 20 years of r&d technology to help customers with electrical protection!

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